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The Club originated at Cragside First School in 1994, when the headmistress Mrs. Minns, ran the school football team. As she hadn't the time to do proper training, she approached two keen parents, Mick Harland and Gary Roylance, to ask if they could help with training and organizing football matches. They both agreed. After the first match, they knew they had a job on their hands, as they were defeated 12-3. Drastic action was required, so training became twice weekly and matches were arranged on a regular basis. The parent turnout was excellent right from the start, and the new coaches knew they were on to something. The kids needed new strips, so a parent meeting was held at the Blagdon pub in Cramlington Village. There was a good turnout and it was decided that money would be raised by starting weekly subscriptions and organizing a fundraising event at the Benedictine Club. A treasurer was appointed to look after the financial side of things. This was a great success and our first new strips were bought.


By now, Mrs. Minns had retired and a new headmistress was appointed. Unfortunately, she didn't like a competitive sport, and would not let the school have its own football team. By now we were holding regular parent meetings and we decided to carry on anyway. However, a new Club name and colours were needed, so the kids were asked to see what they could come up with. The name was originally Cragside Cobras (by Ben Roylance) and the colours have always been royal blue and yellow (originally designed by Brett Walker).


By April 1996, the Club had started to grow. We had under 8s, 9s, and 10s, the standard was getting better and we were starting to win cups! It was at this time that a meeting was held at Cragside First School for all the parents to decide on a very important issue; whether we should become the third FA affiliated club in Cramlington and enter FA leagues? The vote was an overwhelming "yes". A proper committee was formed consisting of Brian Kinghorn (Chairman), Karen Brennan (Secretary), Paula Walker (Treasurer) and Phil Jones and Lesley Farndell as parent reps. Under FA rules we couldn't use the name Cragside Cobras and so in April 1996, Cramlington Cobras F.C. was born.


With committee meetings every month and teams playing in the FA leagues such as the Coast Colts and Shiremoor Carpets. It was also at this time that we moved to our 'Home' ground at East Hartford. I'm sure you will agree that we have come a long way since that fateful day back in 1994 when the headmistress asked for help to run her football team!!!

Cramlington Town F.C. are FA Community Club - with age groups ranging from under 7 to Seniors. We provide football to 270 local boys, girls and Adults; and we are based at Cramlington Sporting Club, with some of the best facilities available to junior/senior football.


In May 2009 Cramlington Cobras merged with Cramlington Town F.C. senior team who play in the Northern Alliance League, and now Cobras has become Cramlington Town F.C. The Committee felt that this was a step forward and would help secure and develop the Club in the future and allow the players to progress from Junior to Senior Football.



Our Club Ethos is to make football fun and available to everyone. We are a community club wit a community spirit. We believe all Children should have the opportunity to play organized football in a Fun and Safe environment.

Cramlington Blackwatch


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